Episode 382 – So What’s New?

On this weeks show Damon provides some escapism from the worlds woes with a show of new additions to the archive! Artists include Walt Strony, Tom Sheen, Jim Riggs and more!

You can use the above player or you can download the show using the usual Dropbox Link!

Music Played

Le Jazz HotNeil JensenJohn Dickinson High School, Wilmington DE

3/25 Kimball
Engle Associates Recording (EAR-10495)
StardustWalt StronyOrgan Stop Pizza, Phoenix AZ

4/29 Wurlitzers
Organ Stop Pizza (OSP-104)1978
A Warner Bros Potpourri –
a) Sittin’ On The Backyard Fence
b) The Shadow Waltz
c) Pettin’ In The Park
d) I’m Like A Fish Out Of Water
e) Forty Second Street
Jim RiggsGrand Lake Theatre, Oakland CA

3/13 Wurlitzer Hybrid
Jim Riggs (WRA1-165)1985
Watch What HappensDon SimmonsOrgan Grinder Restaurant, Portland, Oregon

4/38 Wurlitzer
Sound Productions (DS-OG)
MeditationTom HazletonSt. Mary Of The Lake Seminary Mundelein IL

4/24 Howell-Wurlitzer
Arkay Enterprises (AR 1044)
Moonlight In VermontTom SheenRichard Loderhouse Studio NY

4/38 Wurlitzer
Renwick Records (MO8P-0175)1961
Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)Lyn LarsenDendy Theatre, Brighton, Melbourne, Australia

3/15 Wurlitzer
Bill Armstrong Pty. Ltd.

Episode 380 – Christie Showcase

On this weeks show John Leeming throws a spotlight on Christie organs. They were built by Hill, Norman & Beard and have a reputation for being quite quirky!

You can use the above player or you can download the show using the usual Dropbox Link!

Music Played

TangerineVic HammettRegal Edmonton

4/15 Christie
Private Recording1963
Little Red MonkeyJohn MannTony Manning Residence, Farnborough

3/9 Christie
Grosvenor Records (GRS1114)1981
Around The Marble Arch/Cuckoo In The NestGeorge BlackmoreRegal/Odeon Marble Arch, London

4/37 Christie
Private Recording1964
To A Wild RoseByron JonesAstra Theatre, Llandudno

3/8 Christie
Grosvenor Records (GRS1169)1985
Five Foot Two (Eyes Of Blue)Frank Fowlerex. Servicemen’s Club, Stotfold

3/10 Christie
John Christie Ltd (3003)1981
Dainty MissDavid ShepherdRegal Eastleigh

3c/8 Christie
Private Recording1977
12th Street RagNoel BriggsRegal Edmonton

4/15 Christie
Private Recording1973
A Kiss In The DarkWalt StronyEMD/Granada Walthamstow, London

3/12 Christie
Private Recording1084
Rhapsody In BlueGeorges Ghestem & Georges Tzipine OrchestraGaumont Palace, Paris

4/15 Christie
Editions Hortus (Hortus 160)2020