The show began life in the beginning of November 2013. Towards the end of the month the pilot episode was made, which received a lot of positive feedback, so the weekly shows commenced on the 3rd December 2013. Since then the show’s archive has grown and still continues to do so. One key aspect that makes this show unique compared to other theatre organ radio, is the recording and broadcasting of special material that can be found nowhere else – be it excerpts from concerts or dedicated recording sessions. Over the years Damon has been joined by many presenters be it regular or guest – So far these have been James Mclean, Edd Hordley, Donald MacKenzie, Declan Poole, John Leeming, Chris Borg & Nigel Ogden.

We would also like to thank the following artists who have given up their time and skill to bring you musical pleasure: Keith Beckingham, Trevor Bolshaw, David Gray, Simon Gledhill, Aaron Hawthorne, David Ivory, Peter Jebson, Byron Jones, Phil Kelsall, Paul Kirner, Mark Laflin, Cameron Lloyd, David Lowe, Donald Mackenzie, John Mann, Nicholas Martin, Iain McGlinchey, Richard Morgan, Declan Poole, Len Rawle, Lewis Scott, Robert Wolfe, Michael Wooldridge.

On top of those artists, we would like to thank all the organ owners and technicians around the country who have been so very supportive of time, tuning and for being so accommodating towards the team when recordings have been made.

And finally to all those ‘organ nuts’ who not only listen every week, but have helped to provide archive material when needed. Thank you all!!


Guest presenters: https://organistencores.co.uk/kingston-casual-encounter/ & https://organistencores.co.uk/dating-pay/


We are licensed under the LOML scheme, as a Music Podcasting Service. If you require a copy of the certificate E-mail us (contact@organistencores.co.uk) and we will be more than happy provide a copy.