Episode 565 – The FAB Four

This week Robert Hope-Jones looks at the FAB four – The Beatles!

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Music Played

In My LifeCristina Garcia BanegasSt Peter’s Church, Walton, Liverpool

3/38 Forster & Andrews
Elenor RigbyWalt StronyBerkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA

4/41 Wurlitzer
NorCal Theatre Organ Society & Walter Strony (NorCaTOS101)1993
Here, There And EverywhereDavid ShepherdPlough Great Munden

3/10 Compton
TWS 10021974
A Hard Day’s NightSmitton CharlesGaumont Manchester

4/14 Wurlitzer
BBC Light Programme1964
YesterdayGeorge WrightGeorge Wright Residence, Hollywood

4/28 Hollywood Philharmonic Organ
Beatles Fantasia: Norwegian Wood/And I Love Her/Penny Lane/Eleanor Rigby/Ticket To Ride/Yesterday/Can’t Buy Me Love/Reprise: Penny LaneSimon GledhillDickinson High School, Delaware

3/39 Kimball
SummertimeBilly PrestonHammond OrganYoutube1979
GoodnightLouis van DykeCBS – S 639461974

Episode 561 – H2O

This week Robert Hope-Jones takes us through a rather damp and wet setting.

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Music Played

Singin’ in the RainLew WilliamsOrgan Stop Pizza, Phoenix, Arizona

5/81 Wurlitzer, Hybrid
The Waters of PerkiomenGus FarneyOrgan Loft, Salt Lake City

5/34 Wurlitzer
Warner Bros. Records (B 1359)1960
Beyond the SeaIvan Ditmars or Alex LaskerLoren Whitney studio, California

4/34 Robert Morton
GNP Crescendo 801962
Willow Weep for MeJonas Nordwall4/42 Wurlitzer

Organ Grinder, Portland, Oregon
Here’s that Rainy Day AgainBryan RodwellHammond X5Private – Neville Wineman collection1975
Irish WasherwomanGerald ShawOdeon Cinema Leicester Square

5/17 Compton
Concert Recording (CR0017)1968
I Cover The WaterfrontJoe MarshTown Hall, Ossett

3/13 Compton, Christie
Crescendo Records (HLW 500)1977
Under the SeaCharlie BaloughOrgan Stop Pizza, Phoenix, Arizona

5/81 Wurlitzer, Hybrid
ERB 1182007

Episode 558 – Theatre Organ Forecast

This week Robert Hope-Jones gives us the shipping theatre organ forecast!

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Music Played

Sailing ByPhil KelsallTechnics SX-FA1Grasmere Records (GRCD78)1996
I Still Get a Thrill Thinking of YouJim RiggsAssembly Hall, Worthing

3/22 Wurlitzer
Private Recording2012
PrimeroDouglas ReeveDome Brighton

4/40 Hill Norman and Beard ‘Christie’
Concert Recording OR Crystal Records (CR-0020 OR CRY 3002)1967

Yer, Yer
Reginald Porter-BrownForum Cinema, Southampton

3/10 Compton 
The Touch of Your LipsBryan Rodwell with Harold C Gee – ViolinSouthampton Guildhall

4/50 Compton
TOEnc Archive1967
Manhattan/Tea for Two/Time on my HandsDudley Savage
ABC Cinema, Plymouth

3/8 Compton
Autumn LeavesNigel OgdenChurch Of St Mary, Lowe House, St. Helens

3/11 Christie
TOEnc Recording2021
Boom!Charles SmittonOdeon Cinema, Manchester

4/20 Wurlitzer
TOEnc Archive1967
Little Shepherd/How Beautiful is the NightStanley WyllieRitz Belfast

4/10 Compton
TOEnc Archive1956

Episode 552 – Dragon D’Amore

This week Robert Hope-Jones presents a double sided program celebrating Chinese new year and valentines day

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Music Played

In a Chinese Temple GardenReginald FoortNew Gallery Cinema, London

2/8 Wurlitzer
China Town, My China Town/Chinese Laundry BluesLen RawleTonawanda, Chorleywood

4/24 Wurlitzer
Tonawanda Sound (TWS 1003)1976
Puff the Magic DragonDave WickerhamEmbassy Theatre, Ft. Wayne

4/16 Page
ATOS 20142014
I’d like to get you on a slow boat to ChinaGeorge WrightParamount Theatre, New York

4/36 Wurlitzer
Love Walked InChris GorsuchGranada Theatre

3/21 Barton
Days of Wine and RosesDan BellamyParamount Brooklyn NY

4/26 Wurlitzer
Cambria Master Recordings (CD-1108)1997
But BeautifulSimon GledhillAlabama Theatre, Birmingham AL

4/29 Wurlitzer
Alabama Chapter ATOS (ALA-1783-09)2009
Chanson d’Amour/The Old Fashioned Way/Can’t Smile Without YouPhil KelsallTower Ballroom, Blackpool

3/14 Wurlitzer
Grasmere Records (GRCD43)1991
Strike Me PinkJim RigsAlabama Theatre, Birmingham AL

4/29 Wurlitzer
Alabama Chapter ATOS (ALA-1783-09)2009

Episode 548 – Cosy

This week Robert Hope-Jones starts his contribution to 2024 in a cosy mood.

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Music Played

By the Fire SideJim RoservereWiltern Theatre, Los Angeles

4/37 Kimball
Cambria (CD-1040)
Sentimental JourneyEverette NorseFox Theatre, San Fransico

4/36 Wurlitzer
Private Recording1960
Put Your Head On My ShoulderBarry BakerTrinity Presbyterian Church, San Diego

4/24 Wurlitzer
Private Recording2002
It’s the Natural Thing to DoRon CurtisParamount Organ Studio, Bolton

4/10 Compton
ARGO-SPA 3441974
The Christmas SongChristian Elliott4/50 Paramount VTPOPrivate
Five Minutes More/Hot ToddyDudley SavageABC Cinema Plymouth

3/8 Compton
Winter SunsetNigel OgdenSt John Vianney, Clayhall

3/7 Compton
COS 1141988

Episode 542 – Electric Transcriptions

This week Robert Hope-Jones has an extended show featuring Electrical Transcription discs.

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Music Played

Was It A Dream?
Jessie Crawford4/21 Wurlitzer

Paramount Studio, New York
Buck FeverChester Gay (G. Carter) Unknown InstrumentStandard S-121
Limehouse BluesDick Leibert3/14 Wurlitzer

Radio City (Rockefeller Center) Sound Studio, NY
Thesaurus 0733
Castles in the SandIvan Ditmars Unknown InstrumentMacGregor 2487
Biding My TimeGeorge Wright 4/36 Wurlitzer

Paramount Theatre, New York
Lovely to Look AtEddie Dunstedter Hammond UTS 1830
FandangoPiet van Egmond5/27 Möller

BBC Theatre Organ No.2, Hoxton, London
Festivo 140
Who, If Not You?George Wright Hammond / piano Thesaurus 1350
CharmaineAudrey Lynn (Ann Leaf) 4/21 Wurlitzer

Paramount Studio, New York
APS 60,476-A
Laugh Clown LaughEdwin LeMar (Buddy Cole)Unknown InstrumentStandard S-187
I Have But One HeartKen Wright Kilgen 4/14Standard S-177 
Hello Beautiful; Truly (Royal Typewriter Hour) Helen Crawford 4/21 Wurlitzer

Paramount Studio, New York
CBS Radio

Episode 538 – Audible Autumn

This week Robert Hope-Jones is in autumnal mode.

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Music Played

When The Leaves Are TurningHector OliveraFox Theatre, Atlanta

4/42 Moller
Autumn ConcertoReginald Porter-BrownSouthampton Guildhall

4/50 Compton
Private Recording
Autumn LeavesDudley SavageABC Plymouth

3/9 Compton
Private Recording
Tis, Autumn; Falling Leaves/A Faded Summer LoveBuddy ColeBuddy Cole Studio, Hollywood CA

3/27 Wurlitzer-Morton
Warner Bros. Records
(WS 1557)
Autumn In New YorkJohn LauterFox Theatre, Detroit

4/36 Wurlitzer
UndecidedDavid ShepherdDolby House, Holbeach

3/21 Compton
COS Production (COS 125)1999
Autumn LeavesDick Stewart/ George WrightRichard Vaughn Studio Organ, Hollywood CA

5/21 Wurlitzer
Hi-Fi Records

Episode 534 – Big Band Mode

This week Robert Hope-Jones celebrates the big band sounds of the mighty!

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Music Played

Holiday for StringsMonty Kelly Orchestra & Buddy ColeBuddy Cole Studio, California

3/27 Rank Wurlitzer/Robert Morton
Alshire International (S-5288)1965
Oh! Lady Be GoodBryan RodwellGranada Clapham Junction

3/8 Wurlitzer
Private Recording
Don’t Blame MeJim RiggsDolby House, Holbeach

4/23 Compton/hybrid
Private Recording
Ac-cen-tu-ate the PositiveLew WilliamsOrgan Stop

4/33 Wurlitzer
Private Recording
Take the A TrainMichael WooldridgeRegal Edmonton

4/15 Christie
COS Tapes (COS106)1984
DreamBobby Hackett/Johnny SengRichard Loderhouse Studio NY

4/37 Wurlitzer
Oh! I Do Like to be Beside the Sea SideBryan Rodwell & the Sounds of BrassSouth Bank University

4/24 Wurlitzer
Private Recording

Episode 530 – Robert Hope-Jones Remembered

This week Robert Hope-Jones remembers his namesake

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Music Played

I Know WhyAlex Jones3/13 Hope-Jones

First Universalist Church, Rochester, NY
ATOS 2019 Rochester Highlights2019
The StormClarence Kohlmann4/14 Hope-Jones

Ocean Grove
Edison 1929
George Wright interviews Fred Woodn/an/aBanda Records (59657)2017
JavaGeorge Wright3/32 Wurlitzer

Paramount (formerly Granada), San Francisco
Private Recording
Swinging On A StarDave Peckham4/20 Marr and Colton

Clemens Center, Elmira, NY
Private Recording
Stella by StarlightTony Fenelon
3/66 Kimball

Dickinson High School
DTOS F-114
Frank Hope-Jones
I Remember YouPierre Fracalanza4/50 Paramount OrganPrivate

Episode 525 – Theatre Organ World

This week Robert Hope-Jones turns the clock back to 1946…

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Music Played

EvensongJack CourtnayElite Super Cinema, Wimbledon

3/8 Chrsitie
Regal (G 8910)1927
Three’s a CrowdAlex TaylorGrananda Theatre, Tootoing

4c/14 Wurlitzer
NTOT Kinura (NCM 211)
Moonlight Rhapsody MedleyAl BollingtonParamount Theatre,
Tottenham Court Road, London

4/12 Compton
Bygone Days (BYD77005)
Jolly JugglerDoreen ChadwickGaumont cinema, Manchester

4/14 Wurlitzer
Amberlee Records
(AML 304X)
Kiss Me Again; DreamCon DochertyParamount Newcastle

3/19 Wurlitzer
Deroy 8751964
Lullaby of BirdlandGerald ShawRegal Theatre, Marble Arch, London

4/36 Christie
Carwal (CWR 85)1964
Popular Songs Of 1920Stuart BarrieGrananda Theatre, Tootoing

4c/14 Wurlitzer
Deroy 985