Episode 463 – Animal

This week Damon takes you on a musical trip to the zoo!

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Music Played

Samba: The ParrotErnest BroadbentTower Ballroom, Blackpool

3/14 Wurlitzer
One-UP/EMI (OU 2171)1977
Suite From The Carnival Of The Animals – The Elephant David Harris & Jelani EddingtonLittle River Studio, Miller, Whichita

3/19 Wurlitzer
RJE Productions2005
The Elephant’s TangoDouglas ReeveGaumont Manchester

4/14 Wurlitzer
Acorn Records (CF 255)1974
Little Red MonkeyJohn MannTony Manning Residence, Farnborough

3/7 Christie
Grosvenor Records (GRS1114)1981
Monkey On A StringWalt StronyAuditorium Theatre, Rochester NY

4/22 Wurlitzer
ATOS 20192019
Penguin’s PlaytimeNigel OgdenFree Trade Hall, Manchester

4/20 Wurlitzer
OS Digital (OS201)1993
FamingoJim RoseveareWiltern Theatre Los Angeles CA

4/37 Kimball
Cambria Master Recordings (CD1040)1996
Alligator CrawlRobinson CleaverGranada, Tooting London

4/14 Wurlitzer
Musique Records2015
At The Panda’s PartySidney TorchGaumont State, Kilburn

4/16 Wurlitzer
Piping Hot (PH2007)2013
Tiger RagReginald DixonTower Ballroom, Blackpool

3/14 Wurlitzer
Starline (EMI Records)(MRS5056)1971