Episode 514 – King

This week Damon features music with a King flavour.

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Music Played

King CottonRobert WolfeThursford Collection, Fakenham

3/19 Wurlitzer
Thursford Enterprises Ltd (TECD 01)1989
The King And I SelectionNoel BriggsBBC Playhouse Manchester

3/13 Wurlitzer
Deroy Records (Deroy 1060)1974
‘The King Steps Out’ Selection: Learn how to lose/What shall remain/Stars in my eyesHenry CroudsonParamount/Odeon Manchester

4/20 Wurlitzer
Wayne Ivany Collection1937
‘King Of Jazz’ SelectionNigel OgdenRitz Ballroom, Brighouse

3/10 Wurlitzer
RHD Sounds (RHD0106)2006
King Kong MarchSimon GledhillFox Detroit MI

4/36 Wurlitzer
TV Recording (CLUE436)1995