New to the Cinema Organ?

We realise the the cinema organ has fallen out of the public domain and culture – so don’t be afraid! Some people may get caught up in technical terminology, where as others might be interested to find out about the heritage of these unique instruments. We have put together a few ‘minisodes’ to try and give a brief overview of the history and development of the cinema organ.

Episode 1 – Heritage: The birth of the cinema organ from its genesis and its development from the church into the cinema.

 – Coming Soon –

Episode 2 – Broadcast Mania: 1925-1960, the golden age of the cinema on the airwave and the personalities that lay behind the keys – do you remember any of these?

Episode 3 – The Decline: How and why in the 60’s and 70’s so many of these cinema organs were taken out of the cinemas, but why some survived.

Episode 4 – Pizza & Pipes: How Hi-Fi Records and the installation of organs into Pizza restaurants gave the cinema organ a new lease of life.

Episode 5 – State Of Affairs: From the 1980’s to the resent day –  what the last 40 years of the cinema organ has had in-store for us.

Episode 6 – Looking Forward: Will the cinema organ survive and what will be the challenges for the new generation of enthusiast.