Episode 546 – A Perfect Party

This week Damon ends 2023 in party mood with some themed party music!

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Music Played

Lets Make It A PartyNoel BriggsGranada Kingston, London

3c/10 Wurlitzer
Private Recording (Brian Elliot)1967
That Certain PartyVic HammettCap’ns Galley Pizza Parlour, Redwood City CA

4/18 Wurlitzer
Doric Recording
Baby’s Birthday PartyChris McPheeOrion Centre, Sydney

3/17 Wurlitzer
Chris McPhee (CMCD002)1995
At The Panda’s PartySidney TorchGaumont State, Kilburn

4/16 Wurlitzer
Piping Hot (PH2007)2013
In Party MoodKevin MorganTown Hall Ossett

3/13 Compton-Christie
Audicord (ACD241)2000
Champagne For TwoEna BagaWurlitzer Lodge, Northolt, London

3/19 Wurlitzer
Private Recording (N.O Archive)1980
Pink ChampagneNigel Ogden & John RoadhouseBBC Playhouse Manchester

3/13 Wurlitzer
NDO Project (CD 207)2018
Birdie DanceRobert WolfeThursford Collection, Fakenham

3/19 Wurlitzer
Thursford Enterprises Ltd (TE 09)1982
AgadooPhil KelsallTower Ballroom, Blackpool

3/14 Wurlitzer
Grasmere Records (EG 2402711)1985
The Party’s OverRichard HillsSouthbank Polytechnic, London

4/24 Wurlitzer
Cinema Organ Society (COS 124)1998
After You’ve GoneNoel BriggsGaumont Manchester

4/14 Wurlitzer
Private Recording (Tom Herd)1973

Episode 539 – Vinyl Impressions

This week Damon tracks from some of the first LP’s he and, original Co-presenter, James McLean got their hands on.

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Music Played

Tiger RagReginald DixonTower Ballroom, Blackpool

3/14 Wurlitzer
Starline (EMI Records) (MRS5056)1971
Down The MallWatson HolmesOpera House, Blackpool

3/13 Wurlitzer
Deroy Records (Deroy 886)1973
I’ll Walk Beside YouHorace FinchEmpress Ballroom, Blackpool

3/13 Wurlitzer
BBC Records (REC129M)1972
Sweet Georgia BrownVic HammettTown Hall Buckingham

3/10 Wurlitzer
Sentimental JourneyArnold LoxamThursford Collection, Fakenham

3/19 Wurlitzer
Thursford Enterprises (TE 01)1977
Orient ExpressSidney TorchRegal Edmonton

4/15 Christie
Sterndale Records (STE 1001R)1991
Moon River/Blue MoonErnest BroadbentTower Ballroom, Blackpool

3/14 Wurlitzer
Columbia/EMI Records (SCX 6410)1970
Brighton Blues: When The Blue Of The Night/Blue Skies/My Blue Heaven/Goodbye BluesDouglas ReeveGaumont Manchester

4/14 Wurlitzer
Acorn Records (CF 255)1974
That’s A PlentyNoel BriggsGaumont Manchester

4/14 Wurlitzer
Acorn Records (CF 225)1973

Episode 529 – Big Theatre Wurlitzer

This week Damon features that big in theatre Wurlitzer sound.

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Music Played

Tiger RagNoel BriggsGaumont Manchester

4/14 Wurlitzer
TOEnc Archive (T Herd Collection)1973
I Could Write A BookLen RawleParamount/Odeon Manchester

4/20 Wurlitzer
Acorn Records (CF 245)1973
Calcutta/Try A Little TendernessGeorge BlackmoreEmpire Leicester Square

4/20 Wurlitzer
TOEnc Archive (N Ogden Collection)1961
Dancing In The DarkJim RoseveareParamount Oakland CA

4/27 Wurlitzer
Private Recording (Dick Clay)1983
’42nd Street’ MedleyLyn LarsenShea’s Buffalo Theatre, Buffalo, New York

4/28 Wurlitzer
Musical Contrasts (MCI-110)1993
I’ll Never Smile AgainGeorge WrightChicago Theatre, Chicago IL

4/29 Wurlitzer
Have You Met Miss Jones/My Romance/The Lady is a TrampDeclan PooleTroxy Stepney London

4/25 Wurlitzer
TOEnc Recrding2023

Episode 514 – King

This week Damon features music with a King flavour.

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Music Played

King CottonRobert WolfeThursford Collection, Fakenham

3/19 Wurlitzer
Thursford Enterprises Ltd (TECD 01)1989
The King And I SelectionNoel BriggsBBC Playhouse Manchester

3/13 Wurlitzer
Deroy Records (Deroy 1060)1974
‘The King Steps Out’ Selection: Learn how to lose/What shall remain/Stars in my eyesHenry CroudsonParamount/Odeon Manchester

4/20 Wurlitzer
Wayne Ivany Collection1937
‘King Of Jazz’ SelectionNigel OgdenRitz Ballroom, Brighouse

3/10 Wurlitzer
RHD Sounds (RHD0106)2006
King Kong MarchSimon GledhillFox Detroit MI

4/36 Wurlitzer
TV Recording (CLUE436)1995

Episode 511 – Organ Oddities

This week John Leeming has some more light hearted tracks for you to enjoy.

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Music Played

Music, Music, MusicThe Three Suns with Alfredo MendezParamount, New York

4/36 Wurlitzer
RCA Victor (LPM-1543)1957
The Continental/The CariocaDon ThompsonSandy Fleet Residence, San Diego

3/16 Wurlitzer
Organ Power Records (OP-001)c1975
Harlem (extract)Eddie Carroll and his Swing Musicn/aParlophone Records (R2314)1937
HarlemReginald Porter-BrownThorngate Hall, Gosport

3/13 Compton
Private Recording
(Malcolm Smith)
The Teddy Bears’ PicnicQuentin MacleanMaple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada

5/22 Wurlitzer
Private recording (Lew Williams)1961
Tiger Rag (extract) with additionsNoel BriggsRegal, Torquay

3/11 Compton
BBC Records (REC 110M)1971
NolaStuart BarrieGranada, Tooting

4c/14 Wurlitzer
Ventures in Sound (VIS B-2)1960s
The Whistler and his DogBryan RodwellGranada, Walthamstow

3/12 Christie
Private recording (John Leeming)1971
Blue MoonBernard DargassiesPavillon Baltard, Nogent-sur-Marne, France

4/15 Christie
ILD Records (IL690)1990
When the Saints Go Marching InRobin RichmondGranada, Welling

3c/8 Wurlitzer
Private recording (Geoff Day)1974

Episode 416 – On All Fours

On this week’s show John Leeming throws spotlight on organs will four manual consoles – with plenty to choose from there lots of variety on this show!

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Music Played

Spring Is HereBill FloydParamount New York, NY

4/36 Wurlitzer
Cook Records (Laboratories) (1150)1957
Song Of The BellsNigel OgdenTown Hall Stockport

4/20 Wurlitzer
Grasmere Recordings Ltd (GRCD129)2008
Orange Coloured SkyKevin MorganGranada Studio Tours Manchester

4/14 Wurlitzer
OS Digital (OS246)1998
At The CopaPaul KirnerFolly Farm Zoo, Begelly, Kilgetty, Wales

4/14 Wurlitzer
Compton Lodge Studios (CD-CL 1003)2012
StardustNoel BriggsRegal Edmonton

4/15 Christie
John Leeming Archive1974
Catch A Falling StarTom HazletonCastro Theatre, San Francisco

4/16 Wurlitzer
John Leeming Archive1983
Making It To Class On Time Mark HermanAlabama Theatre, Birmingham, AL

4/32 Wurlitzer
ATOS Alabama (ALA-1783-09)2010
One for My Baby Jim RiggsDolby House, Holbeach

4/22 Compton-plus
John Leeming Archive2008

Episode 412 – Vintage Vinyl

On this week’s show John Leeming ventures into his vintage vinyl record collection and pulls out a selection of tracks from LP’s he’s not played for some time!

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Music Played

Let’s Break The Good NewsThe Organ, The Dance Band And Me (Robinson Cleaver)Abbey Road EMI Studios

3/9 Compton
EMI World Records (SH504)1886
I’ll Take RomanceTom SheenRichard Loderhouse Studio NY

4/38 Wurlitzer
Renwick Records
On A Little Balcony In SpainJim RiggsGrand Lake Theatre, Oakland CA

3/13 Wurlitzer Hybrid
Jim Riggs (WRA1-165)1985
StardustGeorge WrightParamount New York, NY

4/36 Wurlitzer
King Records (265-3)1958
Sweet SueGerald ShawOdeon Leicester Square, London

5c/17 Compton
Carwal Records (CAR-103)1964
You Light Up My LifeCharlie BaloghRoaring 20s Pizza, Grand Rapids, MI

3/38 Wurlitzer
Ronson Records (RT 102)c1979
Bumble BoogieNeil JensenDendy Theatre, Brighton, Vic. Australia

3/15 Wurlitzer
Keymedia Productions1983
Some Day I’ll Find You/I’ll See You AgainErnest BroadbentParamount/Odeon Manchester

4/20 Wurlitzer
Acorn Records (CF 235)1973
That’s A PlentyNoel BriggsGaumont Manchester

4/14 Wurlitzer
Acorn Records (CF 225)c1971

Episode 380 – Christie Showcase

On this weeks show John Leeming throws a spotlight on Christie organs. They were built by Hill, Norman & Beard and have a reputation for being quite quirky!

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Music Played

TangerineVic HammettRegal Edmonton

4/15 Christie
Private Recording1963
Little Red MonkeyJohn MannTony Manning Residence, Farnborough

3/9 Christie
Grosvenor Records (GRS1114)1981
Around The Marble Arch/Cuckoo In The NestGeorge BlackmoreRegal/Odeon Marble Arch, London

4/37 Christie
Private Recording1964
To A Wild RoseByron JonesAstra Theatre, Llandudno

3/8 Christie
Grosvenor Records (GRS1169)1985
Five Foot Two (Eyes Of Blue)Frank Fowlerex. Servicemen’s Club, Stotfold

3/10 Christie
John Christie Ltd (3003)1981
Dainty MissDavid ShepherdRegal Eastleigh

3c/8 Christie
Private Recording1977
12th Street RagNoel BriggsRegal Edmonton

4/15 Christie
Private Recording1973
A Kiss In The DarkWalt StronyEMD/Granada Walthamstow, London

3/12 Christie
Private Recording1084
Rhapsody In BlueGeorges Ghestem & Georges Tzipine OrchestraGaumont Palace, Paris

4/15 Christie
Editions Hortus (Hortus 160)2020