Episode 435 – Miller Magic

On this week’s show Damon features the music associated with Glenn Miller.

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Music Played

Chattanooga Choo ChooLen RawleTonawanda, Chorleywood

4/24 Wurlitzer
Tonawanda Sound (TWS 1000)1972
At LastPhil KelsallTower Ballroom, Blackpool

3/14 Wurlitzer
Grasmere Records (GRCD58)1993
String Of PearlsLew WilliamsOrgan Stop Pizza, Phoenix AZ

4/29 Wurlitzer
Organ Stop Pizza (OSP 106)1979
Tuxedo JunctionJackie BrownGranada, Tooting London

4/14 Wurlitzer
Concert Recording (CR-SO58)
Serenade In BlueMichael Wooldridge & Jayden VicareyTroxy Stepney London

4/25 Wurlitzer
Private Recording2019
American PatrolDouglas ReeveDome Brighton

4/40 Hill Norman and Beard ‘Christie’
RCA International (INTS 1333)1971
Moonlight SerenadeBill VlasakParamount Music Palace, Indianapolis IN

4/42 Wurlitzer
WJV Productions,Inc (WJVCD-105)1990
In The MoodWalt StronyVince & Pat Aveni Residence, Cleveland OH

4/60 Wurlitzer
Walt Strony2013