Episode 548 – Cosy

This week Robert Hope-Jones starts his contribution to 2024 in a cosy mood.

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Music Played

By the Fire SideJim RoservereWiltern Theatre, Los Angeles

4/37 Kimball
Cambria (CD-1040)
Sentimental JourneyEverette NorseFox Theatre, San Fransico

4/36 Wurlitzer
Private Recording1960
Put Your Head On My ShoulderBarry BakerTrinity Presbyterian Church, San Diego

4/24 Wurlitzer
Private Recording2002
It’s the Natural Thing to DoRon CurtisParamount Organ Studio, Bolton

4/10 Compton
ARGO-SPA 3441974
The Christmas SongChristian Elliott4/50 Paramount VTPOPrivate
Five Minutes More/Hot ToddyDudley SavageABC Cinema Plymouth

3/8 Compton
Winter SunsetNigel OgdenSt John Vianney, Clayhall

3/7 Compton
COS 1141988