Episode 485 – Organ Plus

This week Damon features the organ plus a multitude of other instruments and artists.

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Music Played

I Got RhythmSimon Gledhill & The New Foxtrot SerenadersMusical Museum, Brentford

3/12 Wurlitzer
New Foxtrot Serenaders Productions (NFS CD006)2017
Deep PurpleNigel Ogden & John RoadhouseBBC Playhouse Manchester

3/13 Wurlitzer
NDO Project (CD 207)2018
Stella By StarlightPierre Palla & Bep RowoldAVRO Radio Studio, Hilversum, Holland

4/19 Standaart-Compton
Private Recording1966
Ghost Riders In The SkyLyn Larsen & Tony FenelonDendy Theatre, Brighton, Melbourne, Australia

3/15 Wurlitzer
Essential Records (ERS 1008)
Walkin’ By the RiverDick Stewart, George Wright, Trefoni Rizzi, Raymond Clevenger, Verlye Mills, Sam Cheifetz, William HamiltonRichard Vaughn Studio Organ, Hollywood CA

5/21 Wurlitzer
Hi-Fi Records (R-401)1955
I Can’t Get Started With YouAshley Miller & Joseph ScannellaWar Memorial NJ

3/16 Möller
Midnight Productions Inc (MPI-042)1997
Slaughter On 10th AvenueBuddy Cole & The Monty Kelly OrchestraBuddy Cole Studio, Hollywood CA

3/27 Wurlitzer-Morton
Alshire International (S-5288)1965