Episode 475 – Indiana

This week Damon features instruments past and present in the state of Indiana

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Music Played

Up, Up And AwaySimon GledhillWarren Performing Arts Center, Indianapolis IN

3/18 Barton
Simon Gledhill & CIC-ATOS Inc2001
Mean To Me/Yellow BirdBuddy NolanEmbassy Theatre, Fort Wayne IN

4/15 Page
Concert Recording (CR-0007)1965
The ContinentalHector OliveraEmbassy Theatre, Fort Wayne IN

4/15 Page
Engle Associates Recording (EAR-10313)
NanetteJelani EddingtonManual High School, Indianapolis IN

3/26 Wurlitzer
Circle Productions/CIC-ATOS1992
I Won’t DanceClark WilsonHedback Community Theatre, Indianapolis

2/11 Page/Wurlitzer
Change PartnersDwight ThomasParamount Music Palace, Indianapolis IN

4/42 Wurlitzer
Newport Classic
I Had The Craziest DreamKen DoubleParamount Theatre, Anderson, IN

3/12 Page
Paramount Heritage Foundation2001
Stomping At The SavoyMark HermanEmbassy Theatre, Fort Wayne IN

4/16 Page
Embassy Theatre Foundation Inc2018