Episode 280 – The American-British Sandwich

This week Damon treats you to a feast of theatre organ music – a feast in sandwich form, with some juicy fillings including tracks from two new CD’s from David Gray & Howard Beaumont.

You can use the above player to listen Dropbox download no longer available

Music played

TrackArtistOrganRecord LabelYear
Holiday In RioLyn LarsenSanfilippo Music Salon, Barrington Hills IL

5/80 Wurlitzer
Musical Contrasts Inc (MCI-212)2002
Moanin LowJerry NaganoWheaton Fox Studio, Wheaton IL

4/46 Robert Morton
Jerri-Co Productions2008
Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?Paul KirnerCompton Lodge, Sapcote

4/20 Compton/Wurlitzer
CL Records Production (CL1010)2013
The Song Is YouLen RawleJohn Leckie Music Centre, Perth, Australia

3/12 Compton
Be Our Guest/I Wanna Be Like YouHoward BeaumontCommunity Centre, Ryhope

3/9 Compton
Fairview Studios (HB 111)2019
dating sites for educated professionalsDavid GraySanfilippo Music Salon, Barrington Hills IL

5/80 Wurlitzer
September SongWalt StronyCalifornia Theatre, San Diego CA

3/23 Wurlitzer
Walter Strony Organ Concerts (WSOC-2)1993
One O’Clock JumpCharlie BaloghOrgan Stop Pizza, Mesa AZ

4/73 Wurlitzer
ERB Enterprises (ERB112)2001

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