Episode 271 – New Additions

On this week’s show Damon takes us through some new additions to the show’s ever growing archive!

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Happy Listening!

Music played

TrackArtistOrganRecord LabelYear
Bad, Bad Leroy BrownHector OliveraFox Theatre, Atlanta GA

4/42 Möller
Eagle Associates Recording (AR-10285)
When October GoesChris ElliotShea’s Buffalo Theatre, Buffalo, New York

4/28 Wurlitzer
CPE Productions (CPE-105CD)1993
Take FiveGeorge WrightGeorge Wright Studio Organ, Leslie Factory, Pasadena CA

3/27 Wurlitzer
Westlake Productions/BANDA CD (BA-25503/447)2001
Slippery SambaGeorge BlackmorePiccadilly, Sparkbrook, Birmingham

3/10 Compton
Raymar Sound1965
I’ll Never Smile AgainTrevor BolshawWyvern Touring Organ

3m 120 Speaking Stops
Raymer Sound (RSCD212)2010
Memories Of Al Jolson: Swanee/April Showers/Waiting For The Robert E.Lee/Anniversary Song/California Here I Come/Toot Toot TootsiePaul KirnerGaumont State, Kilburn

4/16 Wurlitzer
Compton Lodge Studios (CLS-CD1014)2014
I’m Confessin’ That I Love YouBuddy NolanEmbassy Theatre, Fort Wayne IN

4/15 Page
Concert Recording (CR-0071)1967
At The Woodchoppers BallBryan RodwellHammond X5Private recording from David Reed (Via Mark Laflin)

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