Episode 263 – Clair De Lune

John Leeming’s contribution this month, although not festive, does fit the time of year very well. With darkness setting in well before 5pm and the heating on to make a cosy home, the Moonlight Lullaby is just the right type of thing to accompany the cracking of an open fire or, perhaps a glass of cherry before bed – whatever your situation, the scintillating tones of the Clayhall Compton in the hands of Stanley Wyllie is bound to complete your evening!

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Happy Listening!

Music played

Clair De Lune
Melody Fair
O For The Wings Of A Dove
Roses Of Picardy
Shadow Waltz
How Beautiful Is Night
Down By The River
The Haunted Ballroom
Clair De Lune

Note: The Banging throughout is NOT the Melotone – it is in fact a nearby fireworks display!

All tracks played by Stanley Wyllie on the 3/7 Compton in the St John Vianney Church, Clayhall. Recorded & Edited by John Leeming in October 1995. Thanks to the Cinema Organ Society and John Leeming for giving permission for this to be broadcast! Continuity Announcer: Richard Hills

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