Episode 256 – Random Numbers

On this week’s show John Leeming pulls out a handful of random LP’s and selects tracks from them! A real variety of sounds from the past including contributions from Clark Wilson, Hector Olivera, David Shepherd and many more!

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Happy Listening!

Music played

TrackArtistOrganRecord LabelYear
Goofy DameStanley TudorGaumont Theatre, Manchester

4/14 Wurlitzer
Deroy Records (885)c1973
I Hadn’t Anyone till YouDick SchrumBill Blunk Studio, Portland, OR

5/24 Marr & Colton
Concert Recording (CRO008)1966
You,/Who?Clark WilsonWheaton Fox Studio, Illinois

3/16 Robert Morton
Wheaton Fox Productions (WFP-1001)1983
LauraDavid ShepherdRex Cinema, Stratford, London

2/7 Wurlitzer
Deroy Records (1324)1975
Comedians’ GallopBrian SharpSandford Holiday Park, Poole

3/15 Christie
Grosvenor Records (GRS.115)1985
AlwaysBilly NalleStrand Theatre, Plattsburgh, NY

3/20 Wurlitzer
Readers’ Digest (RDS 6854)1979
I’ll Never, Never Fall in Love AgainRobinson Cleaver, The Organ, The Dance Band and MeEMI Studio No.1, St John’s Wood

3/8 Compton
EMI Records (SH 504)1986
Cry Me a RiverHector OliveraAuditorium Theatre, Rochester, NY

4/22 Wurlitzer
RTOS Inc (EAR-10240)1974
Jeepers CreepersSidney TorchGaumont State Theatre, Kilburn

4/16 Wurlitzer
Doric Records (DO(S) 1211)c1970

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