Episode 237 – From The Silver Screen: Intermission

On this week’s show Damon continues with film music played on the Theatre Organ. This time we hear from two fantastic Wurlitzers in the states and two contrasting organs in Europe.

You can use the above player to listen Dropbox download no longer available

Happy Listening!

Music played

TrackArtistOrganRecord LabelYear
Wizard Of Oz Fantasia: Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead/If I Only Had A Brain/Over The Rainbow/We’re Off To See The WizardJohn GiacchiSanfilippo Music Salon, Barrington Hills IL

5/80 Wurlitzer
Modern Mood Music (MMM 003)2001
‘Third Man’ ThemeKevin MorganLaukhuff Organ Factory, Weikersheim, Germany

3/11 Möller
Organum Musikproduktion2006
Tara’s Theme From ‘Gone With The Wind’Len RawleTony Manning Residence, Farnborough

3/9 Christie
Tonawanda Sound (TWS 1004)1976
Selections from “Singin’ In The Rain”: Broadway Rhythm/You Are My Lucky Star/Would You?/You Were Meant For Me/Broadway MelodyJim RiggsAlabama Theatre, Birmingham AL

4/21 Wurlitzer
Polling Pin Productions1989

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