Episode 179 – Ca C’est Paris

Seeing as Damon will be bring the show to you from Paris this week, it seemed appropriate to have a show full of music about France, Songs Include Pigalle, Love Everlasting, I Love Paris and many more!

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Music played

Reginald Porter-Brown – Ca C’est Paris – Private Recording 1958

Kevin Morgan – L’hymne A L’amour – ALW 2005

Bryan Rodwell – Louise – Visions In Sound 1958

George Wright – I Love Paris – Hi-Fi c 1959

Phil Kelsall – The Poor People Of Paris/The Windows Of Paris – Grasmere 1995

Byron Jones – Love Everlasting – DMC Recording 2016

Reginald Dioxn – Pigalle – Columbia 1070

Dudley Savage – La Vie En Rose – Regent recordings 1992

Simon Gledhill – Monmartre – ATOS 2001

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