Episode 140 – A Cotton Celebration with David Ivory

On this weeks show we venture to Suffolk and to the Cotton Mechanical Musical Museum. This 90 year old  2 manual Wurlitzer was originally installed in the Leicester Square Theatre, London So in celebration of this fact, we present to you Cotton’s resident organist David Ivory. Davids going to plays a ‘traditional’ programme which includes a selection of Gilbert & Sullivan tunes, the waltz- Village Children and many more!

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Happy Listening!

Music played

Happy Days Are Here Again

Sunshine And Shower Selection: Bring Me Sunshine/Singin’ In The Rain/Powder Your Face With Sunshine/Here’s That Rainy Day/Painting The Clouds With Sunshine

Village Children

Gilbert And Sullivan Selection: Behold The Lord High Executioner/The Flowers The Bloom In The Spring/A Wand’rin Minstrel/When I Was A Lad/The Tower Song/Sentry’s Song/The Policeman’s Chorus/With Cat Like Tread/The Merriest Fellows Are We/Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes/Right Royal Queen/The Cachucha

Joseph Locke Selection: Le Reve Passe/Hear My Song Violetta/Count Your Blessings/Goodbyee

Ivory Rag

All tracks played by David Ivory on the 2/11 Wurlitzer in Cotton Mechanical Musical Museum. Recorded by Damon Cox on a Zoom H2n. Thanks to Jonathan Ling and David Ivory for making us welcome Organ tuned and maintained by Bob Ince and David Ivory. Photo : Wayne Ivany

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