Episode 448 – My Romance

Valentines day is not that far of, so heres a romantic selection of music to woo your loved one!

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Music Played

A Romantic Guy IJim RoseveareOriental Theatre, Portland OR

3/13 Wurlitzer
Gamba Records (JI01-R)1966
Waltz: Romantic PrincessJoseph SealMusical Museum, Brentford

3/12 Wurlitzer
Gold Star – Rediffusion (15-81)1978
RomanceLen RawleFree Trade Hall, Manchester

4/20 Wurlitzer
Tonawanda Sound (TWS 2017D)1997
The Lady Seeks RomanceNigel OgdenNew Victoria Centre, Howden-le-Wear

3/12 Wurlitzer
CrescendO (CDHLW1004)1996
I’ll Take RomanceTom SheenRichard Loderhouse Studio NY

4/38 Wurlitzer
Renwick Records (MO8P-0175)2006
Isn’t It RomanticChris ElliotShea’s Buffalo Theatre, Buffalo, New York

4/28 Wurlitzer
CPE Productions (CPE-104CD)1992
My RomanceBuddy ColeBuddy Cole Studio, Hollywood CA

3/27 Wurlitzer-Morton
Warner Bros. Records (WS 1533)1963
A Fine RomanceRex KouryNethercutt Collection, San Sylmar, Los Angeles CA

4/25 Wurlitzer
National Custom Recording Inc (NCR 12-1124)

Episode 398 – Mr Lucky

The music of Henry Mancini is the sole feature on this show. His music has been heard countless times on many highly regarded classic films – the most well known is The Pink Panther!

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Music Played

Pink Panther ThemeRex KouryCentury II Wichita

4/36 Wurlitzer
Advent Records (5027)
Days Of Wine And RosesDan BellomyParamount Brooklyn NY

4/26 Wurlitzer
Cambria Master Recordings (CD-1108)1997
Mr LuckyKeith BeckinghamHammond AuroraAd-Rhythm (ARPS-1027)1975
Punch And JudyAlec LeaderHammond T202 & Leslie 145Avenue Recordings (AVE 095)1971
Moon RiverDavid LoweNeuadd Pendre, Tywyn

3c/8 Wurlitzer
OS Digital (OS239)1998
The Baby Elephant WalkCharlie BaloghOrgan Stop Pizza, Mesa AZ

4/78 Wurlitzer
ERB Enterprises, Inc (ERB106)
Two For The RoadLyn LarsenOrgan Stop Pizza, Mesa AZ

4/78 Wurlitzer
Musical Contrasts Inc (MCI-211)2000
It Had Better Be TonightHoward BeaumontNew Victoria Centre, Howden-le-Wear

3/19 Wurlitzer
Fairview Studios (HB106)2017