Episode 502 – Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

On this week’s show John Leeming is across the Atlantic to hear some of the less-often heard performers.

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Music Played

Almost Like Being in LoveJonathan OrtloffGrays Armory Museum, Cleveland, Ohio

3/15 Wurlitzer
Jonathan Ortloff Recordings2010
Mood IndigoBill DaltonOhio Theatre, Columbus, Ohio

4/20 Robert Morton
Concert Recording (CR 0141)1972
I Hear MusicClark WilsonHardman Studio
Great Falls, Virginia

4/38 Wurlitzer
Clark Wilson Recordings2013
Put On a Happy Face/I Want to Be HappyDave WickerhamTrinity Presbyterian Church, San Diego

4/24 Wurlitzer
Theatre Organ Society of San Diego (TOSSD 100)2002
DanseroJohn DuffyColumbia Square Theatre, Hollywood

3/10 Wurlitzer
London Records (HA-U2012)1955
Midnight in MayfairHelen DellCarson/Kearns Studio, Los Angeles

4/26 Wurlitzer
Malar Productions (MA 2015)c1970
StanleyChris ElliottShea’s Buffalo Theatre, Buffalo, NY

4/28 Wurlitzer
CPE Productions (CPE-105CD)1993
RomanceLeonard MacCleanTower Theatre, Upper Darby

3/17 Wurlitzer
Fontana Records (Z 4057)1960
There Will Never Be Another YouTim DuckworthRialto Square Theatre, Joliet, Illinois

4/27 Barton
Private recording (Don Walker)2017
Say It with MusicJesse CrawfordLorin Whitney Studio, Glendale, California

4/34 Robert Morton
MCA Records (MCA2-4051)1965

Episode 455 – Remember Me?

On this week’s show John Leeming rememberers some of the lesser heard organists of days gone by.

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Music Played

Hard-Hearted Hannah Dick SmithLoew’s Theatre, Richmond, VA

3/13 Wurlitzer
Concert Recording (CR-0013)c1970
I Believe in Miracles John StewartGaumont State, Kilburn

4/16 Wurlitzer
Amberlee Records (AML 306)1974
DuskHarold RamsayGranada Theatre, Kingston

3/10 Wurlitzer
COS Archive (BBC)1973
I Want to Be Happy Rick ShindellState Theatre, Toledo, OH

3/14 Marr and Colton
Concert Recording (CR-0114)1973
I Cover the Waterfront Joe MarshTown Hall, Ossett

3/13 Compton-Chrsitie
Crescendo Records (HLW 500)1977
Evening in CapriJohn HowlettOdeon Theatre, Leicester Square

5/17 Compton
COS Archive (BBC)c1957
Lullaby of Birdland Leonard MacClainTower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA

3/17 Wurlitzer
Epic Records (BN 555)c1960
Midnight in Mayfair Reginald LiversidgeGaumont Theatre, Manchester

4/14 Wurlitzer
Acorn Records (CF 215)c1971
Moonlight SerenadeGeoff StephensonKitchen Bros Showroom, Diss

3/19 Wurlitzer
Acorn Records (CF 229)c1973
I’m Happy When I’m Hiking/Trombones to the ForeJack HelyerBBC Theatre Organ

5/27 Möller
John Leeming collection (BBC)1957