Episode 486 – Miscellany

This week Damon has a bizarre miscellany of music for you to hopefully enjoy!

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Music Played

Shine/Undecided/Everything’s In Rhythm With My HeartDamon CoxStudio Standaart

2/8 VTPO
Private Recording2022
An ywhere On Earth Is HeavenDamon CoxStudio Standaart

2/8 VTPO
Private Recording2022
Manhattan/Everybody Loves My Baby/Gypsy In My SoulCor StandaartRadio Studio, Hilversum, Holland

5/27 Möller
Private Recording
The Phantom Melody/ElfenbalJohan JongVara Studios, Holland

3/11 Standaart
Private Recording (E.R Hart)
Blue MoonJim RiggsGrand Lake Theatre, Oakland CA

3/13 Wurlitzer Hybrid
Jim Riggs (WRA1-165)1985
Oh! When The Organists Go Marching InNigel Ogden & Robin RichmondAssembly Hall, Worthing

3/11 Wurlitzer
Private Recording (E.C Buckland)1985