Standaart Organ


Ricky Hart built a Cinema Organ in his terraced house in Folkestone, with parts from various instruments in the town, most of which came from the 1929 Standaart organ which was installed in the Savoy Cinema. The story of how Ricky saved various parts from these organs is very much one of determination. The instrument he created is very unique, with a much customised console to fit in a small living room and no 16” pipes – all the bass is electronic. There’s even a Casio Keyboard with mechanical fingers – the mechanism built from salvaged magnets from the Standaart relay. Ricky passed away in 2009 he was survived by his wife Yvonne until 2021. The family got in touch with Nigel Laflin who jokingly said to me – did I fancy a cinema organ? The rest is history!

More information coming soon!


  • Tibia – Standaart
  • Diapason – Standaart
  • Salicional – Standaart
  • Vox Humana – Compton
  • Stopped Flute – Compton
  • Viol – Compton
  • Cornopean – Maker Unknown (Possibly Henry Jones & Sons)
  • Chimes – Standaart
  • Xylophone – Standaart
  • Glockenspiel – Standaart
  • Traps – Standaart
  • Blower – Addicks of Basal, Switzerland – 2,850rpm (Original to Standaart)
  • Relays – Compton
  • Console – Hybrid (Mostly Compton)

Photos Before Removal (Taken by Nigel Laflin)