Singing Hills Golf Course, Muddleswood Road, Albourne, Hassocks BN6 9EB


3/23 Wurlitzer

English Horn, Brass Trumpet, Tuba Horn, Style D Trumpet, Open Diapason, Tibia Clausa I, Tibia Clausa II, Clarinet, Kinura, Orchestral Oboe, Saxophone, Krumet, Gamba, Gamba Celeste, Viol D’Orchestre, Viol Celeste, Salicional, Salicional Celeste, Oboe Horn, Quintadena, Flute, Flute Celeste, Vox Humana + Upright Piano

Opus Number: Basis - 1840 plus additions

Current Transmission System: Solid State

Original UK Location: In Situ

Original UK Opening Date: 21st February 1999


c1998: Plans to drastically enlarge the existing 5 rank Wurlitzer were made. A console was custom built for the new installation by a local joiner Bob Hercock who made a replica of a Compton, which was installed with the illuminated surround and bench from the Regal Cinema in Old Kent Road. David Houlagte installed the 14 extra ranks of pipes and his own transmission system. Michael Maine drew up the stop list for the new console.

1999: On 21st February Michael Wooldridge first featured the Wurlitzer in an afternoon concert.

2000: in January Blackpool Tower Organist Phil Kelsall officially opened the Wurlitzer.

2002: Alan Baker and Michael Wooldridge moved all of the pipe chests, re-winding them in the process, and to created two new chambers, to house the various percussions. Four ranks were added; Viol D’Orchestre, Viol Celeste, Flue Celeste and a new Krumet made by Booths. A Yamaha Upright piano was also installed. Console stop list redesigned by Michael Wooldridge.

2003: Clark Wilson and John Struve carried out some tonal finishing on the Wurlitzer.

2011: Ed and Patti Zollman further improved the tonal finishing work.

Genealogy - By David Houlgate

English Horn – Wurlitzer - 16’ extension by Booth

Brass Trumpet Wurlitzer

Tuba Horn - Christie

Style D Trumpet Wurlitzer (Regal Colchester)

Open Diapason Small Scale Wurlitzer

Tibia IWurlitzer (Regal Colchester)

Tibia IIChristie

Clarinet Wurlitzer


Orchestral Oboe Wurlitzer

Saxophone Wurlitzer

Krumet Wurlitzer copy by Booth

Gamba Unknown, Supplied by Bob Mayes

Gamba Celeste – Unknown, Supplied by Bob Mayes

Viole Unknown, Supplied by Bob Mayes

Viole Celeste Unknown, Supplied by Bob Mayes

Salicioanl Wurlitzer (Regal Colchester)

Salicioanl Celeste Wurlitzer

Oboe Horn Church Rank re-voiced by Booth

Quintadena Wurlitzer

Flute Wurlitzer (Regal Colchester)

Flue Celeste Wurlitzer

Vox HumanaWurlitzer (Regal Colchester)

Unit 16a Metro Trading Centre - 154 Barugh Green Road, Barugh Green, Barnsley, S75 1JX


3/17 Compton

English Horn, Trumpet, Tuba, French Horn, Diapason, Tibia Clausa I, Tibia Clausa II, Saxophone, Clarinet, Krummet, Kinura, Oboe, Violoncello, Gamba, Gamba Celeste, Concert Flute, Vox Humana

A Number: 222

Current Transmission System: Uniflex

Original Location: Astoria Cinema, Purley

Initial Opening Date: 2nd April 1934


1935: The Astoria Cinema, Purley opened 2nd April 1934 with Robin Richmond at the Compton.

1974: The cinema closed for tripling and the organ was removed. It was Installed in the Civic Hall, Ballerup nr. East Kilbride in Scotland.

c1980: The Compton was moved to the City School in Sheffield to replace an earlier Compton destroyed by an arson attack.

c1980-2010: During its time at the school the Compton was enlarged to 15 ranks and an Upright Piano was also added.

2010: The Compton was removed from the school and sold to Kevin Grunill

2010-2016: Kevin Grunill restored the Compton to former glory and respecified it for 16 ranks.

2016: The Compton opened on 12th March with Kevin Grunill & Nigel Ogden.

6 Fore Street, Beer, Seaton, EX12 3JG


2/6 Wurlitzer

Style D Trumpet, Open Diapason, Tibia Clauasa, Salicional, Flute, Vox Humana

Opus Number: 956

Model: Style D

Current Transmission System: Solid State

Original Location: Picture House, Walsall

Original Opening Date: 26th January 1925


1925: The Picture House, Walsall opened on 26th January with Jack Courtney accompanying the film 'Claude Duval' starring Fay Compton and Nigel Barrie.

1955: Cinemascope was installed at the Picture House. Due to the extra space required to install all this new equipment the cinema sold the Wurlitzer to Allan Hickling, who installed it at his home - Dormston House in Sedgley. Installation was complete in time for christmas.

1957: Alan was looking for a larger Wurlitzer so sold the Wurlitzer to fellow enthusiast, Arthur Thorn of Beer in Devon. Plans were made and executed to have it installed at the Congregational Church in Beer. As it was intended that the organ was to be for church use, all of its cinematic effects & second touch were removed. The Sweetland Organ Company of Bath installed the Wurlitzer.

1987: The Wurlitzer had fallen into a state of disrepair. A couple of members of the Cinema Organ Society carried out what repairs they could to keep the Wurlitzer playing.

1998: The Wurlitzer was again becoming unreliable. Local organ builder Michael Farley was contracted to look after the instrument for the next few years.

2008-2010: It was decided to return the historic instrument to its former glory. A society was formed to raise funds to be able to achieve this. The Wurlitzer was soon in receipt of some of its missing percussion items. Since then a Wurlitzer shutter action has been installed to replace the mechanical system originally put into the church, the Second Touch facility has been reinstated, and most of the instrument has been rewired to replace the aged and failing original wiring.